DG8600SE | 6.3kW Enclosed Diesel Generator with 2 Wire Auto Start/Stop, Universal Wheels, Sine Wave AC

$ 3,799.00 incl. GST

DG8600SE comes with a built-in 2 wire auto start/stop module to make it ideal for linking to off-grid remote systems.

PLEASE NOTE Generator’s frequency fluctuates from around 51Hz on no load to around 48Hz on full load. IMPORTANT for your solar inverter set up to support this.

 6.3kW/6300W (max) power output, 5.5kW/5500W (continuous) power output
 27.4 amps max
 1 x 230V 32A socket + 1 x 230V 15A socket
 25L Diesel Fuel Tank
 12 hours continuous operation @ 75% load
 Sound Level @ 7m | 92dBA @ full load
 Enclosed Canopy for quieter operation
 Built-In 2 Wire Auto Start/Stop System
 Built-In Wireless Remote Start/Stop
 LED5 Display | Hour meter, Voltage (V), Current (A), Power (kW), Frequency (Hz)
 Detachable panels for servicing