DG8600SE | 6.3kW Enclosed Diesel Generator with 2 Wire Auto Start/Stop, Universal Wheels, Sine Wave AC

$ 3,799.00 incl. GST

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This Portable Enclosed Diesel Generator is an Ideal Choice for House Solar Backup

A 2 wire auto start/stop module allows this generator to be started automatically by your off-grid power inverter/charger so that you never have to manually start your generator when needed. The auto start kit fires up the generator and runs it until a pre-set voltage is reached in the battery bank. It then shuts off until required again.

 6.3kW/6300W (max) power output, 5.5kW/5500W (continuous) power output
 27.4 amps max
 1 x 230V 32A socket + 1 x 230V 15A socket
 25L Diesel Fuel Tank
 12 hours continuous operation @ 75% load
 Sound Level @ 7m | 92dBA @ full load
 Enclosed Canopy for quieter operation
 Built-In 2 Wire Auto Start/Stop System
 Built-In Wireless Remote Start/Stop
 LED6 Display | Hour meter, Voltage (V), Current (A), Power (kW), Frequency (Hz), Battery Voltage (V)
 Detachable panels for servicing