GT POWER GT3800ei | 3800W Portable Inverter/Pure Sine Wave Generator with Electric Start

$ 1,489.00 incl. GST

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This revolutionary, super compact and powerful electric start inverter machines are designed and configured especially for NZ requirements in the construction and engineering markets. The requirements for perfect sine wave inverter power is increasing year on year, and these new machines allow you to lead the market both in value and performance.


•  3800W/3.8kW max, 3500W/3.5kW continuous/rated output
•  Push button electric start with EZ backup recoil/pull start for easy starting
•  Useful for battery chargers, drills, grinders, saws and lighting
•  Robust and portable, weighing in at 34kg
•  Powerdyne 4-Stroke OHV engine for ultimate durability.
•  Smart throttle for quiet operation and fuel savings
•  Twin 230V outlet + 2x USB outlets
•  Fuel saving smart throttle feature
•  Digital control panel for simplified engine management and parameters monitoring
•  24 months/2 Years WARRANTY