GT POWER GT7000ESQ | 7500W Professional Conventional/Open Frame Petrol Power Generator with Electric Start and Wheels

$ 2,455.25 incl. GST

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  • FREE 1st SERVICE + Check-Up (if generator is brought to us)
  • Dispatched within 2-3 working days


*New Tomahawk Alternator*

The Key Benefits
•  Increased power output from equivalent cc ratings, up to 10%!
•  Better durability and engine/alternator life due to cooler running, lowered vibration.
•  Better IP (waterproof) protection allows working in more adverse weather

The large 25L fuel tank and industrial quality of the GT7000ESQ will keep you in power all day.

This machine includes all the GT Power features like industrial air cleaner & muffler system, superior quality copper wound alternator & automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and low engine oil alert with automatic engine shutdown. Combine these benefits with the premium build quality of GT Power and you have a machine that provides sterling service for a lifetime! With the capability of running multiple power-tools, lights and industrial equipment, the GT7000ESQ is ideal for running the batch, farm shed or emergency back-up power.

Featuring an inbuilt RCD and twin 15A outlets this machine is ready to tackle the toughest task including powering a welding machine up to 150A.

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